Articles Published

  • “Wait. What’s a Deacon?” The Virginia United Methodist Advocate. April 2016.
  • “Have Yourself a Charlie Brown Christmas.” The Virginia United Methodist Advocate. December 2014, pages 22 and 23
  • “Youths from three districts come together for retreat.” The Virginia United Methodist Advocate. May 2014, page 12.
  • “Adding Something for Lent.” The Virginia United Methodist Advocate. March 2014, page 18.
  • “Young Leaders Needed in our Churches Now. . . Today.” The Virginia United Methodist Advocate. June 2013, page 22.

Blog Contributing

Ministry Matters

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The Youth Cartel

Curriculum Contributing

  •  Stakes Is High companion guide, Chalice Press. Click for the free download.
  • The Barefoot Way: A Faith Guide for Youth, Young Adults, and the People Who Walk with Them by Dori G. Baker (Westminster John Knox Press, 2012). Two stories “The Hummingbird” (day 1) and “Bench Warming at Wal-Mart” (day 21).
  • Shining Star, Issue Number 53 (Shining Star Publications, 1998).  A brief entry under “Ideas that Work” in this children’s ministry magazine.  The idea, “Balloon Words”, refers to using a bulletin board display to teach faith words to 1st graders.