Last night I finished reading Jim Palmer’s Divine Nobodies.  Raised Roman Catholic, Palmer was converted and became a Baptist. A gifted storyteller, Palmer brings the stories of those he encourages alive for the reader.

After attending an evangelical seminary, he became a pastor of a huge nondenominational mega church.  He was a rising star in Christendom. But when he got a divorce, it all went away.

He became a nobody.

Palmer’s book brings to light the difference between a faith that is just on the surface and a faith that is deeply rooted in a relationship with Jesus.

Palmer shares his faith journey. Actually, it is his faith re-discovery as he shares the stories of everyday common “nobodies.”  These “nobodies” are nowhere near being rising stars in Christendom.  They are the tire salesman, the swim teacher, and the childhood dog.  It is Wanda at the Waffle House.

Yet, these “nobodies” introduce Christ to Palmer.

As Palmer weaves his faith story with the stories of others, he invites you into a greater Story.  The Story of the love and grace of Jesus.  At the same time, he challenges our “on the surface” faith to really dig deeper – to ask ourselves, “Are we being little Christs on Sundays or every day?”