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The Africa Study Bible Project

I recently learned about a new project to get a study Bible in the hands of Africans with commentary and notes from African pastors and scholars. It is called the Africa Study Bible.


Imagine using a study Bible with the notes from another country, with images and illustrations from that context. It would be difficult to understand. This is the case for many in Africa, with their study Bibles written from the viewpoint of the United States and United Kingdom. The Africa Study Bible project aims to close that gap and provide a resource designed by Africans for Africans.

Oasis International is the Christian organization that is behind this effort. For six years they crossed the continent of Africa gathering together hundreds of pastors and scholars, representing fifty denominations. With a huge bulk of the work done, Oasis is teaming up with Tyndale House Publishers to publish the study Bible.

A Kickstarter campaign has been created to help reach the financial goal to make this vision and dream a reality.



  1. Extremely good idea!

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