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A Prayer for the Church

Today would have been day two of the United Methodist Church’s General Conference. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been postponed till 2021. I was recently asked to write a prayer as part of a project offering prayers for each day of the scheduled General Conference.

Here is the prayer:

Gracious and Loving God, while we prepared to be at General Conference during this time, we find ourselves in a new normal. During this time of social distancing, let us not forget your Church and your people. 

Lord God, you called us to love all of your children. You called us through the waters of our baptism to be in ministry to all people. Yet, Lord, we have not heard the cries of your people. We have instead heard the cries of power, the cries of influence, the cries of tradition, and the cries of our own selfish desires. Forgive us, Lord. Forgive us as we have sat silently as others are bullied, betrayed, and bruised. Forgive us for we have walked on the other side of the road to avoid glancing at those who have been left on the roadside to die. 

May the fresh winds of your Holy Spirit fall on us this day to renew our minds, refresh our hearts, and revive our spirits. Open our eyes, Lord, to see injustice in whatever forms they make take. Open our ears, Lord, to hear the cries of the dying, the neglected, and the marginalized. Open our hearts, Lord, that in all things, we speak as you spoke, we live as you lived, and we love as you loved. 



  1. Debbie Ireland

    Wow! Powerful! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jason

      Thank you.

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