On January 30, five new VeggieTales in the House episodes will come to Netflix. The episodes continue sharing important lessons, affirmations of faith, new songs, and new characters! Including the first meat character, Bacon Bill. Favorites returning include LarryBoy, the famous Veggie hero and his nemesis, Motato. Here is a quick preview.


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Episode 6 – “Pa Grape’s Son”: Pa Grape adopts Jean Claude for the day so they can compete in the Father and Son Day Celebration games.  “Larry’s Cardboard Thumb”: Larry convinces Petunia to let him take care of her plants – but can he handle the job?

Episode 7 – “The Gong Heard ’Round the House” – Bob bangs a gong every time he performs an act of kindness in an effort to get his name on the town’s new generosity shelter. “When the Dust Bunnies Came to Town”: Larry and the Veggies ignore warnings from Pa Grape, Ichabeezer and Granny Asparagus not to open the air-conditioning vent … there’s a reason it’s locked!

Episode 8 – “The Bucket List”: Bob and Larry take Ichabeezer on an adventure, doing all the things they think he wants to do. “A Gift for Singing”: Pa Grape asks Madame Blueberry to sing a new jingle for his store, which leads Ichabeezer to create his own, less-happy jingle. (Note: A scene from “The Bucket List” is pictured above.)

Episode 9 – “Lie-Monade”: Larry opens a lemonade stand to raise money – so he can buy the latest video game. “Let’s Build a Fort!”: When his dad is too busy to help him, Junior Asparagus recruits Laura Carrot and Larry to help him build a giant fort.

Episode 10 – “Bacon and Ice Cream”: Pa Grape asks Larry to let the silly new guy, Bacon Bill, help him drive the ice-cream cart. “For the Honor of LarryBoy”: LarryBoy is reluctant to save grumpy old Ichabeezer from the nefarious Motato – will he stand by his code of honor and do the right thing?