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5 More VeggieTales in the House

This Friday, April 17th, brings five new episodes to VeggieTales in the House on Netflix.  These new episodes of the Emmy Award-nominate series include more of LarryBoy fighting the nefarious Motato and the first-ever appearance by a colorful creature called a buffalorange.


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Each episode includes new songs, and of course the reminder that we have all come to know – “God made you special, and He loves you very much.”

Here’s the full list of what to expect in the new episodes:

EPISODE 11 “The Birthday Thief”
Motato is stealing birthdays with his evil De-Birthday-Ficator, and it’s up to LarryBoy and Junior to put a stop to the pilfering potato.
“Junior Gets a Pet”
Junior befriends a young “buffalorange” that wanders into town, but Ichabeezer wants to capture the animal.


EPISODE 12 “Cool as a Cucumber”
Jimmy and Jerry Gourd tell Larry that he’s not “cool,” so Larry gets a pair of sunglasses – and an attitude – to prove he can fit in.
“The Rich Young Comic Ruler”
When Ichabeezer refuses to donate money to create a comic-book section in the library, Larry figures out a way to get every comic book ever made.


EPISODE 13 “Popcorntastrophe!”
Bob, Larry and Madame Blueberry accidentally flood the kitchen with burned popcorn.
“Junior Jetpack”
When Motato captures Ichabeezer’s beloved dog Rooney, it’s up to LarryBoy and his new sidekick, Junior Jetpack, to save the day.
EPISODE 14 “Monster Manners”
Motato creates a radish super-soldier to hunt down LarryBoy – but Petunia and Madame Blueberry find it first.
“You, Me & Tiny Pea”
Junior and his friend Tiny Pea risk danger by sailing in the koi pond all by themselves to prove they can do big, grown-up things.


EPISODE 15 “Jenna Chive Live!”
Pop star Jenna Chive goes undercover and visits the Veggie House to take a break from her famous life – but Motato kidnaps her!
“Captain LarryBeard”
Larry finds the perfect toy pirate ship – just as Ichabeezer loses his.  Can Bob convince Larry to give the ship back?



  1. ConcernedParent

    April 25, 2015 at 10:49 am

    I don’t know about these veggie tales. They send mixed signals with the reminder that God loves us as an after thought at the end in passing as if its just a meaningless end statement. In episode 15 “Jenna Chive Live!” she sings about gaining the world and losing her soul but hey “I gotta be me”. Is that the kind of message we want for kids? Doesn’t the bible warn about losing ones soul to gain the world? I can’t in good conscience let my kids watch veggietales in the house if they plan to sneak in stuff like that.

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