Read Philippians 1:3-11.

When I was a kid, I remember always having questions. I didn’t always voice these questions, but they still roamed around in my head. I was curious about why things happened the way they did.  In school, I remember always wanting to know more about a given subject, at times more than the teacher was willing to teach. My favorite teachers in school were the ones that were okay with me asking questions.

This continued into college, where I had some great professors who encouraged the asking of questions. I was told, very politically  by a professor after a presentation in class I made that I was wrong. I didn’t believe her. I spent the next two days reading everything I could find in the library on the given “wrongness” of my presentation. I eventually  had to go back to her and say, “You were right.”

In his prayer for the Philippians, Paul encourages them to seek knowledge of God.  The more we know about God, the better we can discern, or make good decisions. And the more we determine what is good, the better our harvest, or good works, will be. It all starts with gaining more knowledge. And the way we do that is through searching for answers for the questions we way.

Today, make a list in your journal of the questions you have about God, faith, and/or religion. Share your list with someone you think might be able to help you search for answers.


God of Answers, help us become more comfortable with the questions of life and faith. Help us today as we name our questions and consider how we will learn more about you to better our journey of faith. Amen.