Religulous (2008)

I rented Bill Maher’s film Religulous (2008) this weekend.  Maher, who grew up with a Roman Catholic father and a Jewish mother, interviews a wide source of people from various faith traditions.  In this documentary, Maher tries to find answers about God, faith, and religion.

Despite what most main-line Christians are saying about Maher’s film, I think it is a film that every religious educator should see.  The most disturbing part was the inability of some of the individuals who were interviewed in expressing not just what they believe, but why they believe.

This is a film that, instead of refusing to see because of Maher’s position or the rude comments concerning religion, we should watch to learn what those not in our faith communities may be asking, pondering, or thinking.  There is a Bill Maher in every youth group, college group, or even pew.  A Bill Maher who is doubting, raising questions, trying to wrap his or her brain around this complex thing called faith.  How will we respond to them?

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